HELLO! I'm Aneta, and I'm a product designer

based in chicago.

I operate at the intersection of aesthetics and function to design meaningful solutions to everyday problems. Let's design a world that is thoughtful and considerate of all!

 Featured projects 

Community Resource Page


Showcasing the opportunities and resources available to youth within Chicago's communities.

Program Landing Page


How can we efficiently orient new and returning participants of an online STEM program?

Password protected - contact me!

Learning Group UI Redesign


How can we enhance an existing feature to promote social interaction and creativity online?

Password protected - contact me!

CECSE Website Redesign


How can we create an engaging online presence for a site with multiple target audiences?

 doodles & designs 

When creativity strikes!

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ENSO Karate T-Shirt Design

A t-shirt design for a Shotokan Karate dojo featuring cute characters in custom gi. Commission • 2017 • Adobe Illustrator